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Website overhaul

Well, it’s about time I did something with my website, I had let it slip way too long. Now I can update images and blogs as I wish so hopefully things will come together quickly. I have spent the last month working new images so they will see the light of day pretty soon. As a New Plymouth…

Australia AIPP APPA Awards

The images that I entered into the APPA awards have been judged and I delighted with gaining three Silver with Distinctions and a Silver Award out of the four images. I entered last in 2010 when I gained three Silver Awards, I am very happy to see that I have improved over that time.

Old Mountain Road,

Old Mountain road, Taranaki. Old Mountain road, Taranaki, a beautiful view of Mount Taranaki, captured as the dawn light was gaining strength and the nights frost was receding. A clearer view is now possible as the tree has since fallen so perhaps another photo shoot one cold morning is now required.