Taranaki Photography

Taranaki Photography

Taranaki photography produced locally as panoramic images that are available as stretched canvases ready to hang on your wall.

They are available from a number of Galleries around Taranaki, see here.

Sizes / Prices

These sizes and prices are for stretched canvases on a 20mm bar, that are ready to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one.

100 mm x 300 mm    $50-

150 mm x 450 mm     $100-

205 mm x 615 mm     $200-

300 mm x 900 mm     $400-

415 mm x 1245 mm     $750-

500 mm x 1500 mm     $1,100-

Please feel free to contact me for additional information regarding my images of Taranaki.

I will be posting images that are rectangular / square in another gallery as time permits.

Taranaki photography, New Zealand

Picture Framing

I will be framing my own work with high quality mouldings to offer a different style to the gallery wrap that I have been doing now for over twelve years. I will be introducing different framing techniques as time permits. I used to produce framed pieces when I first started quite a number of years ago, but soon it will all be done in house. Taranaki photography captured, printed and framed locally in Taranaki.

New and Fresh Images

As time passes I endeavour to capture and create exciting new images of our region so that there are different views always on the horizon. Please re-visit and check every now and then.
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