Adam Buckle New Zealand Photographer

Adam Buckle New Zealand Photographer.

As a Taranaki Photographer based right here in the beautiful region of Taranaki, New Zealand, I capture landscape scenes for the home or office. I produce wall art pieces which are available for purchase from a number of galleries around Taranaki or directly, from myself.

I capture the scenes, do all my own post production work, print and frame so the full process is with me. I print canvas as well as other media, so that my images can be displayed up to sizes of 500mm high and 1500 mm wide.

Images of the region have gone all around the world.

Taranaki Photography

Taranaki photography produced locally as panoramic images that are available as stretched canvases ready to hang on your wall.

They are available from a number of Galleries around Taranaki, see here.

Sizes / Prices

These sizes and prices are for stretched canvases on a 20mm bar, that are ready to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one.

100 mm x 300 mm    $50-

150 mm x 450 mm     $100-

205 mm x 615 mm     $200-

300 mm x 900 mm     $400-

415 mm x 1245 mm     $750-

500 mm x 1500 mm     $1,100-

Please feel free to contact me for additional information regarding my images of Taranaki.

I will be posting images that are rectangular / square in another gallery as time permits.

Taranaki photography, New Zealand

Picture Framing

I will be framing my own work with high quality mouldings to offer a different style to the gallery wrap that I have been doing now for over twelve years. I will be introducing different framing techniques as time permits. I used to produce framed pieces when I first started quite a number of years ago, but soon it will all be done in house. Taranaki photography captured, printed and framed locally in Taranaki.

New and Fresh Images

As time passes I endeavour to capture and create exciting new images of our region so that there are different views always on the horizon. Please re-visit and check every now and then.
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Taranaki Artist

As a Taranaki Artist living and working around New Plymouth, I have been creating photographic images
for a very long time. I first captured images at an early age, not sure how young I was, but young nevertheless.
My father had a small darkroom at home, he made an enlarger and everything for black and white processing.
He would decant from a 100′ roll of FP4 into rolls of 36exp, that I would shoot in my Zenit B and with the aid of a
handheld meter, I was introduced to the craft of photography. All aspects of the craft that is, using the camera, developing film,
using the enlarger and creating prints, something that every image should become, not just a file on a hard drive.

I would photograph anything and everything, however I soon realised it’s the light that’s the real secret to photography,
not a big lens or a new camera, it’s light, helped by the understanding of gesture – pure and simple.
The most important bit that the camera sales people always forgets to mention.

Air Force

As an aircraft engineer in the Air Force I always had a camera about me, after leaving and getting settled, photography
was soon, it. Capturing what sells and what I wanted seemed worlds apart. The landscape and being in it is where I am from
and want to be. Not big cities. After selling landscape images successfully for over twelve years now, I seek more reasons to capture images.
There was a time I thought that there were so many images out there, could an image change the world anymore?
Well photography is my calling, so I want to use my life experiences and photographic abilities to make the
world a better place.Until that time happens, I’m headed more into fine art images, just for myself.

Taranaki Artist

As a Taranaki Artist I strive to produce works of art that represent Taranaki and the landscape
that we live in. This spectacular region of New Zealand that is somewhat hidden from
the usual tourist trail which overseas visitors generally follow around our nation.
My desire for perfection and high quality workmanship is a natural personal quality.
I strive to be the best I can be and produce top quality works of art. It takes the same
amount of effort to produce a poor image than one of quality. It’s a craft and done right
results can easily be seen to be better, but the fact of why remains illusive. I source the best materials
to print on, take time to find the best composition, wait for the light and capture the scene
with a number of frames to boost detail in the final image. Simple really.

An Emotional Response

“For me, photography is an emotional response. I endeavour to capture precise moments in time
that can be viewed for a millennia. Not so much how it looked, but rather how it felt,
to convey that unique experience of the mood and feeling of a scene to the viewer is of
utmost importance in my work. The Landscape is a living entity and I strive
to portray that life – whole heartedly and without compromise”

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